Putin Khuylo

Confirming what many suspected, the media reports that Putin likens himself to Peter the Great, conqueror role and all. I learned an interesting thing about Russian grammar recently in a fascinating post that's worth reading in full. "Peter the Great", Пётр Вели́кий, also means "Peter is great" -- the grammar is ambiguous.

There is a phrase that has been popular in Ukraine for some time, Пу́тин хуйло́ - "Putin khuylo". Or, perhaps, "Putin Khuylo". Which means "Putin [the] D*ckhead".

I think many people would be pleased to see that catch on, and the recipient of this title has no one to blame but himself. History should record not "Putin the Great" but "Putin Khuylo". Even if schoolbooks have to bleep out a letter to get past vulgarity checks.