A week before Memorial Day -- so, a bit over two weeks ago -- I bought some seedlings and put them into pots.

Tonight, I changed dinner plans because holy smokes some of that needed to be harvested. I made a vegetarian larb for the first time, because one of the over-achievers was Thai basil, which I got for the first time this year to see how that would go. Didn't expect it to outpace my regular Italian basil!

Pictures behind the cut:

The Thai basil has filled out quite a bit even though that's only a 6" pot. (I know, it should be bigger -- ran out of bigger ones. It came in one of those 3" cups.) Next to it is rosemary that's doing ok; don't know why it's leaning in like that, but eh, whatever. (That's in an 8" pot.) Behind the two of those is an 8" pot of Greek oregano that I've already harvested a bit from (for one meal a few days ago). Finally, bought on a whim and in a 6" pot, is English thyme. The thyme has been kind of slumped over all along; I'm using the little plastic ID card to prop it up some. The seedling didn't cost much more than a single bundle of fresh thyme at the grocery store, an amount I'm planning to use this week, so I figure anything else I get from it is profit.

lush Thai basil in front, also rosemary, oregano, and thyme

Last year I planted cilantro but it didn't do well; it got tall and spindly and didn't produce a lot of good-quality shoots. The Internet says it wants a deep pot; it has more of a root system than I thought. So I tried again this year and put it in a 10" pot. It was just a little thing in the center of the pot two weeks ago. Now, not so much:

tall sprawling plant that mostly hides the pot

(That was before tonight's harvest.)

Rounding out the herbs are sage, Italian basil, and sweet mint. (You can't see it in the picture, but the mint is raised a bit so it can drain. That's my only non-self-watering pot, but mint can handle less-good conditions.)

three plants in a row on a step

Cherry tomatoes did well last year, and we seem to be off to a good start this year:

spread to edges of pot and nearly up to second ring of the cage

I grew mini-peppers two years ago (disappointing yield) and banana peppers last year (good, but I like them more than Dani does). This year I got another large pot and a regular (not mini) sweet red pepper. I'll be curious to see how many I get. The plant seems happy so far:

lush green leaves, past the first ring of the cage

I wanted chives but there were none to be had. The tags on the strawberry plants claimed they were good for containers. That surprised me, so I consulted the Internet and found the claim that they don't actually need much depth and a pot would be fine, so I figured ok, let's experiment and see how much fruit it produces.

strawberry plant in 8in pot

I don't know what that one tendril is about.

I'm not planning to post frequent pictures like I did the first year I tried this. That was a learning year and I was chronicling progress. I expect the week-to-week deltas to be comparable. I'll probably post when I get my first harvests of the fruits and vegetables.