Blog: April 2024

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New neighbor

A nest appeared just outside my back door a couple weeks ago. I saw an occupant early on, and then not for a long time, so I wondered if the nest were abandoned. Earlier this week I started seeing a bird in it again; I've tried to be careful in coming and going but she always flies away. This happened in the same spot several years ago and we eventually had a family of young robins, so I'm hopeful.

I managed to snap a picture of mom earlier today:

Image without description

Later I saw her fly away, startled by some small sound I guess, so I quickly confirmed my suspicion, holding a camera up at arm's length and shooting blind:

3 blue eggs

Yay, incipient chicks!


That was amazing. The difference between "most" and "total" really is significant.

We joined friends on a resort island in Lake Erie -- words I never expected to hear in the same sentence -- for a couple days. We had some clouds but they didn't impede seeing the main event.

I saw the "diamond ring". I might have seen a bead but I'm not sure. I saw the sun's corona with a big "black hole" in the middle with my naked eyes. I saw the "sort-of sunset" all around. So neat! Read moreā€¦