Pennsic: new kitchen trailer

Here are a few photos (from Pennsic) of our new kitchen. We brought it back to Pittsburgh to continue to improve it.

Views from the road:

Image without description

Image without description

Image without description

That cabinet you can see through the back window is our electical panel, in a medicine cabinet. Power comes from two solar panels on the roof, with batteries so we can have lights at night when you, you know, need lights.

Speaking of night...

night with lights


Here's a view of the other side, and a closer view of the front door.

Image without description

Image without description

That small protrusion on the left vertical pole, below the railing, is a bottle opener, so that people partaking of adult beverages do not need to navigate steps. (It's also a convenient height for the camp member who uses a wheelchair.)

The tall posts in front will hold a small awning. The front porch is over the trailer hitch.

I somehow failed to take any interior photos at Pennsic, but here's one taken during construction.

Image without description

A stove, two small refrigerators, and a water heater are all propane-fueled.

In response to a comment of "Whoa." I wrote:

It was a lot of work to build, but camp setup is now much easier. This replaced a wooden structure that we assembled every year, requiring 6-8 people and a couple hours. (And we're all getting older and some camp members are feeling that.) That structure replaced a fly and a pavilion that were susceptible to winds and rains that disrupted dinner too many times.

The bigger driver here was that we were storing way too much weight in my trailer (the house you see in the background in some of these pictures), and that was causing problems. That structure we assembled every year needed to be stored somewhere else, and somewhere along the line we decided that if we were going to need a trailer anyway, we might as well eliminate some steps.

This year we only had 20 adults in camp; usually it's more like 25. So this turned out to be a good year to find out where we're going to bump into limits. All our meals went fine this year, and we need to optimize our dishracks. I'll take that. :-)