Aviary visit

We had a short team outing (with out-of-town guests) to the national aviary today.

Here are some pictures from the rainforest room. I don't know what kinds of birds these are (didn't match them up with the display cards).

bright blue bird (back)

side view

different, smaller blue bird with black head

small blue bird with green head

Those last two are small, somewhere between a robin and an ordinary city pigeon. (I qualify that because we also saw an enormous pigeon, specific type unknown. I didn't know they came in XL.) That last picture is fuzzy but it was the only shot I got of him.

We also saw some eagles.

eagle, front but facing off to the left

And flamingos.

many flamingos in water surrounded by trees

And this cute little owl.

small owl in front of cactus

And a brown pelican. Front view:

standing on branch, wings half-spread

And back view:

same branch, back view, wings and tail raised

They have a pair of condors. Here's one of them.

condor perched on rock, facing left, white wings tucked

We also saw assorted colorful birds (finches and canaries and the like), some penguins, a butterfly garden, and some others I don't remember now. We were there for maybe an hour and a half. I would go back for a longer visit.