We have chicks. I think we've had them for about a week, but given where the nest is, it was hard to tell until they got large enough to sometimes pop up over the edges. I first saw small beaks on Friday:

heads above nest, from below

This is from today. I think that's a petal from my tree (there are many shed petals in my back yard), which I wouldn't expect to be interesting food.

mom offering something to chicks, from side

I took this one using a step stool in my doorway (limited range because of steps), holding my phone up as high as I could and shooting down half-blind. Most of the results were fuzzy.

mom standing guard over chicks in nest, from above

Are there three chicks or four? I can only distinctly count three, but even with a lot of zoom and some brightening, I can't quite make out what's going on in there.

I know that robins are ordinary, common birds -- I see many around my house every spring -- but watching this family develop over the last few weeks has been a lot of fun anyway. I wish I had a better viewing angle (and been able to see them hatch).