Blog: December 2016

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Domesticity, hardware edition

Our kitchen came with a wall oven, rather than a range (oven + cooktop together). And it's too small and some things don't work right, but every conversation that started with "we should replace that" ended with talk of remodeling the kitchen.

But we found a way to put in a bigger oven with minimal disruption of cabinetry. In fact, I might have gained more space than I lost, because it turns out there was nothing behind an expanse of wood below the oven. (I just assumed there were oven parts that descended way past the door. I'd never had a wall oven before.) So we now have a nice new wall oven, nominal 30" instead of actual 24", and it has space for more than two cookie sheets. Not that I bake cookies often, but it's a useful measure of space. The racks in my new oven can hold two cookie sheets each. More practically, this means I can cook a large meal (like for a gaming day, or a Pesach seder) without having to decide what can be held on a hot plate and what doesn't really need to be hot after all. And there's a new shelf where that wasted space used to be.

Also, convection is new. That seems useful.

Inspired by our glorious new oven, on Friday, Consumer Reports buying guide in hand, we bought a new dishwasher to replace the falling-apart, not-so-great-at-washing one we have now. We replaced the 1960s-era fridge that came with the house about a decade ago, and the washer and dryer about a year ago, so in a week the only remaining appliance that predates our ownership will be the stove. Which actually works fine, surprisingly, so we're not rushing to replace that.