Blog: March 2014

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Doc Brown to the white courtesy phone, please

As part of a system upgrade at my shell provider, I'm now using Alpine to read mail instead of Pine. Pine showed me plain old dates/times in the list of messages, but Alpine tries to be clever and I haven't yet figured out how to turn it off. So instead of a date it'll say "Yesterday", or "Monday", etc. Very annoying, but it did produce a laugh:

I was unprepared for Alpine's treatment of the message I just got from somebody more than halfway around the world: "Tomorrow". Yes, tomorrow's mail today! Sadly, tomorrow's mail, so far, has not reported usable lottery numbers.

Added in a comment:

And the answer is... in the configuration options, set "index format" to "STATUS MSGNO DATE FROMORTO(33%) SIZE SUBJKEY(67%)" (from here, down the page some). Yeah, that was obvious. :-)