Blog: June 2005

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Feast and famine

I just got email from someone I've been corresponding with about the Sh'liach K'hilah program. She applied for this year and was accepted, but now they say they did not get enough students to hold the program. Ack! Last year there were 29 of us (too many IMO) and this year they didn't get enough? Ebb and flow, I guess, but still... I wonder how many "enough" is. I hope it's just a fluke and not a sign that they've exhausted the pool of interested people.

So much for my plans to hang out with the level-1 students during the overlapping Shabbat; I guess I'll have to make other plans now, as there likely won't be anyone at HUC to hold services that week. (That was the case last year; I arrived early and was one of very few people on campus. Since level 2 immediately follows level 1 (but you can't do both in one year), I was looking forward to not having that happen again.)

(Err, just to clarify: level 2 is not affected; we're still on for this year.)