Well hello there

With no prior expectations, this being my first year, I almost missed this in the pot:

pot on patio with full-size cucumber nestled under large leaves

And it turns out there's a second cucumber, almost full-grown, under those big wide leaves toward the left.

I dunno; I was expecting the fruits to appear where flowers had been, farther out from the base. I guess there was a flower under there. I haven't tasted my new produce yet, but soon!

This is, according to the tag from the seedling, a cucumber "bush". I expected a bush to be less vine-like, but fortunately I could move the pot near a trellis once I realized what I was dealing with. (I have another one that admitted to being viney and it has a tomato cage.)

Meanwhile, I have gotten exactly three small tomatoes off of that plant before the others started disappearing -- two that were almost ripe the previous day, gone when I went to harvest them, and today, many of the still-green ones are gone. This happened with a different variety in a different location last year, too. I might have to give up on tomatoes until I'm ready to build a greenhouse (ha, not going to happen on this property).