Scrum-master hack

"Scaled agile" ("SAFe") scrum-master hack:

Our sprints are numbered within cycles (5.1, 5.2...). I just made a sprint named because I need a holding pen for not-yet-scheduled plans in this cycle (versus the "planned eventually" backlog), and I don't care if this is the "SAFe way" because I just need it to work for our team. I'll delete the fake sprint when it's empty, but if something isn't on the dashboard it might as well not exist and this is the only Jira hammer I have. I'm not sorry. It's expedient.

"Scaled agile" (aka "SAFe"; cutesy abbreviations are all the rage) isn't really agile, but it's the process we've been directed to use. I told them when they asked me to be a scrum master that I will be expedient and will prioritize serving the needs of my scrum team over the holy writ from the vendors selling this stuff, and if they have a problem with my approach they should get someone else. They didn't, so...

I'm delighted that several newer scrum masters have come to me for mentoring. Apparently I have a rep for getting stuff done. :-)