Skies over Pennsic

This isn't the Pennsic entry; this is the "you can see nice things when there isn't city build-up in your way" photo post. :-) Mostly sunsets, interesting clouds, and the full moon.

I was sitting in camp when I saw this gorgeous sunset and stepped out into the road for a better picture:

tent-lined grass road, many fluffy clouds, red-orange near horizon and gray farther up, with a refracted golden streak high in the sky

I walked up the road a block or so, where there was a large expanse of uncamped land. (There were several large expanses of grass in the Serengeti this year; attendance was down about 20-25%.)

similar sky but more of the color at the horizon is visible behind a row of tents; a small fire is lit in front of one of them

Those clouds (I'm not sure what the technical term for this type is) are neat and I love that now-oranger streak through the big one, so here's another picture of that taken a few minutes later:

most of the picture is those clouds, with some tents at the bottom

A few minutes later the deep reds are gone and the sky glows orange. For those who know Cooper's Lake, I'm standing on Chandler's Road, a block or so north of Cariadoc's Path, facing toward the north gate.

the tents from the previous shots are toward the left, and there are trees to the right (and a dumpster; can't win them all)

Now some night skies. Full moon behind some thin wispy clouds, using my cell phone's automatic settings. I don't know what caused those blue blips; that one just above the moon isn't something that was in the sky. (I also don't know how to get rid of them now.)

moon about an hour past rise, yellow-orange edge and a bit of a rainbow halo on one side, over dark tents

You see that faint rainbow halo on the left, from about 7:00 to 11:00? When someone with glaucoma talks about seeing rainbows around lights, it's like that. My phone doesn't have glaucoma so far as I know, and sometimes the ones I see are a lot more pronounced, but in case you've ever wondered, there it is.

The next night I experimented with the contrast and brightness settings on the phone. The Pixel's camera does not have all the manual controls that I was just starting to learn how to use on the Axon, or if it does I haven't found them yet. (Focal distance and exposure settings, I miss you.) I ended up with a lot of duds, but I like how this one came out:

dark sky, silhouettes of tents behind some lantern flames, thicker clouds glowing soft yellow-orange from the glow of the moon visible behind them

Looking at that now, I should probably crop it.