Y2K22 bug in Exchange

We all got through the anticlimactic Y2K bug 22 years ago, and the next digital calendar crisis isn't expected until 2038 (Unix epoch), but... apparently Microsoft Exchange has a Y2k22 bug, which prevents email from being delivered until sysadmins apply a manual fix. Just what they wanted to hear on a holiday weekend.

Apparently Exchange is using a funny string representation of dates and then trying to convert that string to a numeric format, and with the bump in year it now doesn't fit into a long. Really, I'm not making this up. Why they don't use standard date formatting, I don't know. I don't know much about how Exchange is put together.

This linked Reddit post, which has had several updates, includes this:

Interestingly, this fix includes a change to the format of the problematic update version number; the version number now starts with “21” again, to stay within the limits of the ‘long’ data type, for example: “2112330001”. So, Happy December 33, 2021!