True but not helpful

Oh, Credit Karma, who writes your copy (or programs your algorithms)?

Your hard work this year has really paid off, and we want to remind you how far you've come.

(Um, I have? Also, this sure sounds like "you were having trouble and you're better now, attagirl!. I feel patronized.)

About a year ago your TransUnion score was X.

Check in now to see your updated (and uplifted) score, and keep up the awesome work.

"X" sounds about right, actually. Curious, I took a look. Why yes, my score has gone up! It is now X+1.

Uh, thanks?

(Fluctuations of a few points are completely normal. I expect to take a slight ding this month because we paid for something substantial online with the joint credit card. It'll come back next month when we pay that bill. You can't always write a check, but any use of your credit card affects your score at least a little.)