Runaway levain

I made sourdough on Friday. On Thursday I already knew that my starter was especially enthusiastic that day, and the levain (the second feed, what actually goes into the bread rather than back into the jar for next time) bubbled up much more quickly than usual. This meant I made the dough at dinnertime, rather than around 9:30 or 10 like usual.

It filled the bowl and then some on Friday morning, but, as usual, deflated some when I turned it out of the bowl. After letting it rest I formed it into two loaves, which is what I usually do, and baked them a few hours later.

True to form, it expanded more than usual in the oven, too. It was light and airy and tasty, and I'm finally getting around to providing the photographic evidence.

large round loaves

cut loaf, good crumb

I have no idea what was different this time. I mean, my bread usually rises pretty well (I'm well past those dense blobs from my first few tries), but the kitchen isn't as warm as it was in summer, and ambient temperature makes a difference. We'll see if it happens again. Otherwise, I'll just assume that the yeasties were as eager to exit 2020 as the rest of us.