Fluff break

In the midst of all the stuff in the world, I hope that some customer-support person's day was a little brighter for a moment or two:

Hi Chewy! This is Monica's cat, Orlando.

I'm delighted by all the goodies I got today -- I'm so glad I finally got her to do autoship so poor pitiful me never starves! I mean, there was that time that she made me wait hours because she had to go to the store. Humans -- what can you do?

I noticed something with today's boxes, and I wanted to ask if you can do anything to help. She'll never admit it, but my person isn't as young and strong as she used to be, plus she's short, and that humongous 40-pound box was a struggle for her to get in the house. And that delayed me getting snuggles and treats! I'm sure you can understand the dire circumstances here. She didn't have any trouble with the largish box that had two 15-pound jugs of litter in it, so I don't think it was the weight. I think it was that the other (bigger) box was so wide that she couldn't get a good grip on it to carry it up the steps, and she doesn't have powerful claws to help hold things like I do.

Is there any chance that, next time, you could use another box instead of packing so much into one giant one? Or should I sneak in one night when she's sleeping and change her autoship to be a smaller order sent more frequently? I worry a little that she's going to sprain something and that might affect her can-opening ability, which would be terrible. Ok, it also wouldn't be great if she got hurt, but -- priorities! My dining depends on her being fully operational!

As a token of my thanks, I would happily share the next mouse I catch with you -- just let me know where to send it.


(I hope the human doesn't find out I cracked her email password.)

(14 minutes later:)

Hi there Orlando,

Thank you so much for meowing in! At this time, our warehouse has an automatic system which chooses which box your items are placed in. The only way we can 100% guarantee a certain item will be packed alone or with other certain items would be to place a separate order containing only those items. As long as every order reaches the $49 your human will still receive free shipping.

In the meantime, we wish you and your human family to stay happy and healthy. If you have any further questions, please let us know and we'd be happy to lend a paw. (And don't worry, we'll keep your email cracking skills quiet)

Best Whiskers,

Customer Service