Garden thief!

On Tuesday I hit peak tomato, harvesting 22 (!) cherry tomatoes. There were several more that were almost ripe that I expected to pick the next day.

But the next day they were gone, all of them. I found the half-eaten carcass of one green tomato on the ground. I couldn't tell what ate it. I wonder if it was the rabbit I saw when I went out Tuesday evening to harvest some basil.

rabbit on steps

Both plants have some small green tomatoes, so I guess a second wave is coming after all. (I had come to the conclusion that one of them was not going to.) Some of the peppers are ready, some more almost ready, and some much younger and still green. I have no idea what the seasonal yield is supposed to be on these pepper plants; I was expecting a little more activity, but maybe they're a later-season thing.

6 peppers harvested

young peppers

young tomatoes