A day much like any other

Get up, shower (because we do not let hygiene lapse).

Make coffee. I seem to have learned to drink coffee. Between us we're going through 4-6 K-cups per day; that jumbo box isn't going to last as long as it looks like it should. And that's with tea and cold drinks as well throughout the day. Remember to drink water; it matters.

Box of tea arrived yesterday. Good.

Plug laptop into dock, start work day. Visit the "pets" chat channel. Mon/Wed/Fri, join the virtual coffee break mid-morning just to see and interact with coworkers. Try to work productively. Pay particular attention to my mentee who joined the company two weeks ago in the midst of all this.

Novel for this week: attend the virtual repackaging of the conference we'd been working toward for more than a year. The people who managed to turn it into a successful online conference in just a few weeks are amazing. I'm glad many of our customers showed up to give talks and interact.

Wonder if Pennsic is cancelled. They haven't even cancelled AEthelmearc War Practice in May, but I assume they will. Origins Game Fair says they'll decide by May 1 if it's cancelled. That seems likely.

Cook lunch. In normal times lunch is usually something cold I can take to work, like salad or yogurt. Now that we're both home, we're having more eggs, soup, french toast, grilled cheese, etc. Also plenty of salad and fruit. I bumped the Imperfect Foods box up from biweekly to weekly a few weeks ago. Good call, but lately they're (not surprisingly) out of lots of things. Still, it's produce delivered to my doorstep; I'll take what I can get.

Time to run the dishwasher again? Yeah, another effect of lunches at home, in addition to the dinners that were already mostly at home.

Is this what retirement will be like? Not entirely; we'll presumably dine out sometimes.

We would have gone out for our anniversary in a couple weeks.

Work. Try not to look at news too often. Check data-tracker sites anyway. Try not to be obsessive; the stats are bad for the mood.

Hmm, dinner time. Guess it's time to stop working. I need better boundaries, but at least I shut the machine down and disconnect it. We could say that's for mental-health discipline, but originally it's because of cat-proofing. In order to make things fit and have the laptop's webcam do something useful during video calls, the laptop sits on top of a milk crate peeking over my external monitor. Too tempting for Orlando.

Evening. Move the desk chair a couple feet and surf Dreamwidth, work on Codidact, chat with people on Discord. I don't like Discord but it's where people are. I don't really like chat but it's where people are. The people on the Meta server are my last ties to Stack Exchange.

I miss the people of Mi Yodeya. I hate that being on Stack Exchange hurts too much. I hope Codidact succeeds. I hope Codidact succeeds before everybody wanders away. I started drawing wireframes this week to get some things unstuck. This reminds me that I should get nowhere near the actual aesthetics of the site, but we have people with graphical clues, fortunately. My focus is workflows, use cases, behavior.

And lighting fires sometimes. Let's not forget lighting fires. The fires of inspiration, not the fires of destruction. Hard to tell when I'm getting that right.

I've spent most of the day sitting in this chair, one way or the other. Tomorrow maybe I'll walk laps in my small backyard or something. The daffodils are blooming.

Today is much like yesterday. Yesterday was much like the day before. If it weren't for Shabbat I might lose track of time entirely. And next week, Pesach and the smallest seder I will have ever attended.

The cat wants snuggles now. I'll take it.