Codidact progress

We sent out a newsletter to our announcements mailing list a few days ago, and now that we've got the features to support it I created a blog on our site too. You can read the latest message there. I'm especially excited by four new communities (now six total, plus Meta), the "article" post type (not everything is Q&A) which is being used on the cooking site for recipes (which I did not anticipate, and it works), MathJax so we can support science/math sites, and smaller additions like suggested edits and better tools for building on-site help.

The four new communities are: Cooking, Electrical Engineering, Scientific Speculation (an offshoot of Worldbuilding on SE), and Photo & Video.

Since we sent the newsletter out we added Wilson scoring for answers, meaning we take controversy into account when deciding what order to show answers in. On SE a post with 10 upvotes and 5 downvotes (+10/-5) is treated the same as one with 5 upvotes and no downvotes (+5/-0), but if you're trying to figure out which one to use to fix your out-of-memory problem or the short circuit in your appliance or your bread that's still gooey on the inside when it's burnt on the outside, we don't think those two answers are equivalent. We're also showing the raw votes everywhere (still working on the presentation there; I spent an evening last week with our design lead collaborating in Figma).

We're still based in the UK (that's where the servers are, and the person who oversees them). We need to learn more about UK libel laws, which sounds like a problem for platforms hosting user-contributed content.