Summer CSA, week 1

We signed up for a biweekly standard share for the summer. This is the first week. (We were initially assigned to even-numbered weeks, but I asked to switch to dodge Origins and the main week of Pennsic. They only allow you to switch three boxes a year, and there's a delivery on Yom Kippur so that would have left zero wiggle room.)

  • bunch scallions (big ones!)
  • head butterhead? lettuce
  • bunch swiss chard (manifest said "rainbow")
  • bunch lacinato ("dinosaur") kale
  • bunch turnips (yay!) (about a pound?)
  • bag radishes (about a pound?)
  • 2 zucchini
  • bag salanova greens

(Small share omitted radishes, turnips, and salanova, and got strawberries.)

In the winter share we got baby turnips once and we both liked them a lot. (Before that I'd only ever had big grand-daddy turnips.) We've been looking for more ever since. These aren't baby turnips, but they're not large either. Dani dubbed them "youthful turnips".

We had some salanova greens (the last of last week's, actually) in an omelette tonight, along with some cheddar cheese. It wanted something more -- maybe scallions?