Spring CSA, week 4

  • 2 pounds cornmeal
  • 2 large blue potatoes
  • 5 medium (on average) white potatoes
  • 3 green meat radishes
  • head lettuce
  • bag tatsoi according to the manifest, but it looks different from the last tatsoi we got
  • bag salanova (mixed greens)
  • 8oz black locust honey

(The small share omitted honey and radishes, and got kale instead of salanova.)

The manifest said "cornmeal or polenta" and I was hoping for the latter to see what the difference is, but cornmeal is good too. (I know what Google says the difference is, but I've never done a direct comparison.) The cornmeal we got in the winter share made nice cornbread and this will too.

The honey is described as "delicate, sweet, fruity, with a hint of vanilla". Sounds yummy.

Blue potatoes, I have determined, are fantastic when cut thin, tossed with olive oil, fresh rosemary, and sea salt, and then roasted. The other day I worked from home and made those for (part of) lunch, intending to have half that day and save half for the next day. That...didn't work out as planned. :-)

Last night I roasted a large radish, a small sweet potato, and a couple parsnips, all cut small, and then tossed the cooked veggies with some lettuce (the kind that's shown in a head here, not the more delicate mixed greens) and a little balsamic vinaigrette, making a roast-veggie salad to go with dinner. That was very nice, and used lettuce in a different way for variety.