Making progress on the Pennsic kitchen trailer

It's been a while since I've given an update on our Pennsic project. The exterior is mostly done (just some small touch-ups left), and the interior has insulation, flooring, walls, cabinets, and -- today -- shelves. The electrical panel is complete (lights aren't in yet, but soon) and plumbing is in progress. Things are looking good!



That's a base coat of paint and a slightly different color applied with a special type of sponge to give some texturing appearance.


Cabinets, with architect for scale. The countertop, sink, and stove will go in this week; we hired somebody for that because counters are finicky and ours weighs 300 pounds (I'm told). That empty space down at the far end (on the wall with the cabinets) will hold the refrigerators (two narrower ones instead of one large one, both for space considerations and so we don't need to turn the second one on until enough people are there to require it). The stove, fridges, and water heater are propane-powered; lights will be solar (with batteries).

other side, shelves

We built and installed these shelves today. They run the length of the other side until the side door. We have more shelves; we installed a few representative ones, but we'll add more and move everything around to make the best spaces for our needs later. The shelves are held up by movable pegs.

In case you're wondering about the depth change partway up, we'll be putting in a fixed shelf at the transition point, which is counter-height. Actually, we're putting counter in front of the window and from there to the door, to give us some extra work surface. We can also pass stuff out through that window to the camp's dining area. The wall that's about 8' of uninterrupted shelves will have wood there, not counter.