Cultural relativism and the "offensive" flag

On the Stack Exchange network, posts can be flagged as "offensive" and validated flags carry extra penalties. Users who are active on one site can flag posts on other sites, including ones they're not especially familiar with, and, in fact, the network has a crew of people who do just that, monitoring the whole network.

One of those users asked: "offensive" in whose eyes? This person was personally offended by something on the Islam site about rules for women's dress, considering such rules to be misogyny. But the asker also acknowledged that it's in line with that religion's teachings. Are you supposed to just look away, or is it ok to go into other communities and flag things you personally find offensive?

I wrote:

I'm a moderator on one of the religion sites (Mi Yodeya). We contend with possibly-offensive and actually-offensive posts fairly often. In my opinion and experience the guiding principle in handling these should be: offensiveness is relative to the norms of the community where the post appears.

Perhaps you find Islam's rules of dress offensive, and thus an answer justifying them is offensive. But Islam does not, so the mere subject matter doesn't render a post like that to be offensive. On Mi Yodeya we have questions about whether certain other religions or practices are idolatrous. We also have questions about dress, and questions about intimacy (which we require to be very carefully written to avoid offense). On both Islam and Christianity I suspect (I haven't checked) they have questions about errors in the Jewish bible and understandings thereof, which we Jews would find offensive but those communities don't. So long as the posts are not written rudely (a "clinical/descriptive" approach is better than a "personal/opinion" one), they should be allowed to stand.

This issue has a flip side. Sometimes a post that would be just fine on some other site is offensive on the site where it was posted. We get proselytizing posts from some other religions on a fairly regular basis on Mi Yodeya. On a question about, say, repentance, an answer arguing that Jesus is the only path is probably offensive no matter how politely it's written. That answer wouldn't raise an eyebrow on the Christianity site but might well attract offensive flags on Mi Yodeya, and that's not wrong.

If you think a community's norms are out of whack, that a community seems to be welcoming material on a regular basis that a reasonable person would find offensive, a discussion about that might be needed. I don't know of any site that's anywhere close to doing that, but if you think one is, you should absolutely raise it either on that site's meta (if you're comfortable doing so) or via the "contact us" link (to reach SE).