Charity fundraising

Dear Charities1 That I Already Support,

I sent you a sizable donation this year. Recently, even, because I mostly do that at year-end when I know where the annual finances ended up. You acknowledged receipt.

So stop bombarding me with email asking for donations, will you? If I weren't inclined to support you the repeated appeals would not change that -- in fact they would drive me away, as they've done with some of your predecessors. And even though I am inclined -- I like you and support you, after all -- I'm starting to weary of this. It feels like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Get your fundraising people in sync with your receipts people, please. I want to support you, but your methods are growing frustrating.

1 Yes, the use of the plural is correct. I have gotten several email requests this week from each of two organizations I have a long record of supporting with single, annual donations.