Life with cats

Life with cats: the loud protestations of outrage over my betrayal -- picking them up only to put them in those boxes,1 to go to that place, hmpf! -- ended as soon as we reached dinner-time. As I suspected. :-)

And now Giovanni is extremely interested in my mug of chai. Previous cats were only interested in mint tea (mint being, I'm told, a member of the catnip family). Silly cat; you can't get your head far-enough into the mug to get that. (Please let that be true. Here, let me make sure you can't...)

1 Well, in Giovanni's case, more like a duffel bag. He does very badly in a conventional carrier ("bad" meaning "scratched his claws bloody on his first vet visit"), so I have a soft-sided, padded, zippered carrier for him and he likes that much better.