Pennsic house version ~1.5

We built my Pennsic house in 2000 and it's taken a beating over the years -- from harsh weather, from being moved and I suspect at times bumped, and most especially from sitting in a field with waist-high grass between Pennsics. The folks in my camp have been great about helping to make repairs, patching the wood and doing other work, but the accumulation of patches was starting to get problematic. It was time to strip the exterior sheathing and redo it.

The work is almost done now, and with luck this version will be more durable. That is in large part due to a new material that is supposed to be more moisture-resistant and durable. See that stucco look in the picture below? That's not a paint mixin; that's part of the fabrication. The siding is infused with cement somehow, but doesn't weigh too much more than the plywood we took off. (It's heavier, yes, but not problematic.)

We also got my "stone" corners back.


As you can see the window trim isn't back on yet, but it will be. (New pieces.)