A challenge of globalization

I love the Internet. Among things, it brings me together with people I never would have encountered otherwise, many from far-away places. Hold that thought.

Mi Yodeya, the Stack Exchange site for Jewish life and learning, is currently in the midst of its first election for moderators. (Until a site graduates from beta it is assigned interim moderators. We graduated a couple months ago and now we're having our election.) I think I'd do a good job and I've been active on the site for a long time, so I threw my hat into the ring. There are six candidates for three positions.

It is customary to have a town-hall chat where the candidates answer questions from the community. It starts in an hour and a half. The Israelis will get up early (7AM), we in the US eastern time zone will stay up late, the folks on the west coast and in Australia are happy, and, well, if we have any Europeans, they're kind of out of luck. Scheduling is hard.

The chat is optional. I'd like to be a part of it, but I'm looking at that 1AM end and that 7:30AM minyan and...oof. We'll see.


Update: I made it. Lots of great questions that I focused on answering as they came; I only caught up with how other people answered the questions today. There's a transcript, but it's kind of chaotic. Somebody is working on a more-organized presentation.

I had meant to ask a question too but I never quite got to it. But lots of good info came out, so that's enough.