All eyes are on you

Some coworkers and I ate lunch at Zenith Tea Room, a nearby vegetarian restaurant. The place is pretty quirky, filled with all sorts of bizarre kitsch. (Think Bucca di Beppo with a bit more taste.)

In the restroom, every horizontal surface and most of the walls are covered with statues and plaques of owls. I sat there with hundreds of pairs of big artificial eyes on me. I've never felt so on-display in a restroom in my life. :-)


A comment mentioned a place with lots of mirrors, to which I replied:

The (single) bathroom in my first house had mirrored walls. (Basically, everywhere you'd see tile in a standard tile-and-wallpaper configuration, I had mirror -- bottom half of the walls and all the way up to the ceiling in places.) I thought this was weird when I bought the house; my male friends reported that it was way past "weird" into "disturbing" and "awkward". :-) Eventually I remodelled that bathroom and fixed that. Also the parquet floor -- which would have been lovely elsewhere, but not such a great idea in a water-intensive room. (I'd love to know what the people who planned that bathroom were thinking...)