'Tis the season, and other short bits

This morning a coworker sent mail saying she brought in home-baked cookies and put them next to the cookies that were already on the kitchen table. Then a few minutes later another coworker walked past me, kitchenward, with a box. Then this afternoon the landlord sent up cupcakes. Baked goods are normative for December, but the temporal distribution needs some work. :-) (That said, also this afternoon QA sent out a message announcing their second annual "bite me" spread for the whole company on Friday. At least it wasn't today.)

Unrelated short takes:

Class tonight was very good. The ranty student has dropped out (good) and so has his wife (ungood). The new instructor did an excellent job, as I suspected he would.

A friend's vet suggested to her that for an under-eating cat, a few drops of olive oil on the food would entice the cat, add a little weight, and do no harm. Erik has had a couple fussy moments lately, so I tried this out. He loved it. Who knew?

Pachelbel Rant (video), from Ian Gunn on Livejournal.