(Temporarily) thwarted

Originally a locked post.

I wrote to the person in charge of the Melton program about my dilemma. So far her answer is "give it time".

My letter:

Hi [name],

I'm in the first-year Melton program (Monday evenings). I'm really enjoying Rabbi [name]'s class so far.

It looks like the rhythms class [that's the other one -ed] is primarily aimed at teaching basic Jewish observance. Is that impression correct? This week's class was pretty basic stuff (t'fillin, talit, mezuzah), and from the syllabus I'm guessing that most of the course will be similar. Having completed other studies, I feel like I've got a pretty good handle on basic observance; I don't know that I'll learn much from this class.

Would it be possible for me to join the second-year students during the first session and do whatever they're doing? (And then return to my group for the second session, Rabbi [name]'s class?)

Thanks for your time, and shana tova.

The response:

i understand that some of the information may seem elementary for you in the rhythms curriculum but i would assume that in each lesson, you will take away something ,no matter how miniimal that is new to you be it an impression, an interpretation etc... i would encourage you to stay with your class and NOT sit in on a 2nd yr. class. give it a few more weeks, then contact me again. if you feel it continues to be repetitive of earlier study, then we will talk. OK? thanks for the feedback. [name]

Of course, the longer I wait to transfer, the harder it becomes to do so (which makes "drop the first class, come back in year two for both of those" the more-likely outcome). And I've learned that the first-session course in year two is the history course, which is less interesting than the ethics course by topic but is being taught by my favorite local Orthodox rabbi. So that makes this particular instance of that course more interesting to me.

We'll see, I guess. At least I haven't paid full tuition yet (only a deposit).