Addendum (technical notes)

My thought had been to move their network cable to my laptop. No network cable. WTF? Confirmed: no wireless detected. I started inspecting cables, and came up with an unaccounted-for USB cable. (At first I thought it was the mouse, but it wasn't.) A USB network connector? I've never seen that before.

Simply moving the cable to my iBook didn't work; I assume I would have to do some configuration, but I don't know what. So I fell back to plan B: I had, as a precaution, put those posts on my thumb drive. There was only one USB connection on their computer, so -- while off the network -- I plugged in the thumb drive and looked for a writable place on disk. C: was out but "Shared Documents" (whatever that is) worked. After I copied the files, I then disconnected the thumb drive, reconnected the network, and continued. (I had to open the files in Wordpad to select text to paste in; Notepad garbled the text and of course emacs wasn't available. Nor was any non-IE browser, but I expected that.) When I was done I deleted my files.

I hope that didn't disturb the clerk at the front desk. I had told her I was going to try to connect my computer and she said "good luck", so I took that as permission to explore more widely. I did notice that they've locked down the machine somewhat, which is smart -- in addition to not being able to write to the local disk, the network settings in the control panel were off-limits. (I couldn't even look.)

While doing all this I had a nice conversation with Stefan from DC, who is here for one night and then heading to Tel Aviv, assuming he can get a replacement for his dead rental car. Friendly fellow; I hope that works out for him.