Anchor Bay Entertainment: class act

When I got that suspicious DVD, I sent email to the publisher (Anchor Bay Entertainment) asking about their packaging. They responded yesterday (by which time I'd resolved things with the seller), saying roughly "sounds like a bootleg; mind telling us where you got it?". I responded that it was an Amazon Marketplace seller who said he was unaware the disc was a bootleg, and that he'd given me a full refund and I'd destroyed the disc. They wrote back this morning, thanked me for my dilligence, and said they'd send me a new copy of the DVD. That was unexpected!

I'm not out any money at this point (just a little delayed gratification, and if that mattered I'd have tried to buy locally), so I'm certainly not entitled to anything. (Arguably the seller is; he's the one who got taken.) However, they seem to be offering me a freebie because I chased it down and took the disc out of circulation, not because I'm out any money, so I said sure. :-)

In a world filled with manufacturers who say things like "if you're dissatisfied with this 20-pound bag of flour, send the unused portion to us for a full refund", I really didn't expect a free DVD when the problem was completely beyond the publisher's control. Sure, it's probably good PR (I posted about it, right?), but it's still a lot more than I expected.