Blog: September 2014

Most of these posts were originally posted somewhere else and link to the originals. While this blog is not set up for comments, the original locations generally are, and I welcome comments there. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Restoring trust after leaders swindled the organization

Somebody asked a question about restoring trust in an organization's leaders after a major board failure. The previous board swindled the organization out of a lot of money, and now staff members (who were not part of that) are trying to set things right -- but, of course, nobody trusts anybody now. What to do to prevent collapse?

I answered based on my experience both on a board and having sued a board over financial issues. Read more…

Protecting a community from misrepresentation by a single user

Somebody asked a question on the SE site Community Building, paraphrased:

Our site has a fairly specific scope -- for the purposes of this question, unicorns. We have a vocal user who misunderstands our purpose and is maligning us and spreading misinformation elsewhere. What can we do to protect ourselves from the negative image he's giving us?

This is the answer I posted: Read more…

De-escalation for moderators

A moderator (of another community) asked a question on the SE site Community Building about handling conflicts between other users. The moderator worried that trying to pull them apart might make things even worse.

I wrote the following short treatise on handling conflicts in response: Read more…