Living Treasures Animal Park

We recently visited Living Treasures Animal Park, right off the PA Turnpike. It's nearby for us, but we'd never heard of it until we got a recommendation. It's a family-run cross between a small zoo and a petting zoo, with care for the animals being a top priority.

They have typical domesticated animals that kids (and others) can interact with. I call this first one "pet me!" and the second one "feed me!":

friendly goat

hopeful goat striking puppy pose

They also have some more exotic animals, like wallabies and bison, and some you definitely shouldn't treat as interactive, like brown bears and alligators. (According to their web site, their alligators winter in Florida.) Visitors can feed many of the animals; they sell appropriate feed, and exhibits are labelled with what you can feed them. For most animals they provide a chute (and a few can eat out of your hand); for the small primates they had a bucket on a rope with pulleys, so you could deposit food, send it over, and watch them take it. We didn't do any feeding ourselves, but there were some families there with kids who were very much enjoying this.

They had some miniature horses, which I've seen pictures of but haven't seen "live" before. They're proportioned differently from full-size horses and also from ponies. (They do pony rides for the kids, by the way.)

The enclosures were large and well-maintained, and the animals always had an "escape hatch". (And thus, there were some we didn't see, which is fine.) Even in late morning, those that wanted it found shade.

alpacas (?) in shade

There was also a large pond with ducks, geese, and two black swans. I took this picture at maximum zoom with no other adjustments. Yes, the water really was that color -- never did find out what plant life was doing that.

two black swans, one preening, one getting ready to dunk