Spring CSA, week 8

This is the last week of the spring share.

  • small bunch spinach
  • large bunch curly kale
  • large head Cherokee lettuce
  • bunch arugula
  • bag salanova lettuce
  • bunch of mint (mountain or apple; I don't know which)
  • large bunch red radishes with greens
  • bunch large green onions (these are much larger than the ones we got last week; I didn't know a week made that big a difference)
  • basil seedling

(Small share omitted the radishes, green onions, spinach, and mint, and got butter chard.)

The kale will go into that red curry that I made with the last batch of kale. I'm not sure how I'll use the mint -- in iced tea? Sekanjabin syrup? What are good non-beverage applications? I know what to do with the rest of this, though we're struggling a little to keep up with the greens. (Tonight we had a risotto with spinach, the last of last week's greens.)

The basil plant is cute and smells wonderful. I love basil; I really hope I can keep this little guy alive. When it's strong enough I'll transplant it into a pot, which has the benefit that I can move it if I need to adjust how much sunlight it's getting. Plus, this way I won't have to worry that the lawn-moving folks will do something unfortunate with one lone herb plant in the back yard. Plus, rabbits (do rabbits eat basil?) probably won't climb to the ledge on my porch.

Next year we will get either the small share or a biweekly share (if the latter is an option; don't remember) for the spring share. I knew there'd be greens, of course, but not this many. I assumed there'd be a few more other things to balance them out -- more radishes, onions, potatoes, herbs (oregano, rosemary, etc), maybe some carrots. We've made good use of everything we've gotten, but there's a little too much for us. And our pickup location now supports supplementary orders, which it didn't for the winter share, so getting a smaller or less-frequent box and buying the occasional bag of radishes or bunch of spinach or whatever is feasible if I'm quick. (This week there were strawberries, but only for the first hour or two after they sent the email. Better luck next time.)

Judging from this year's boxes, biweekly would probably be better than small. For the most part, the stuff I've most wanted has not been in the small share. This week, for example, that included radishes and scallions.

The summer share starts next week, biweekly for us.