Spring CSA, week 5

  • 8 white potatoes (2 pounds)
  • "2" blue potatoes (probably 1 pound)
  • bunch (5 pieces) green garlic (like scallions, but garlicky and bigger)
  • bunch chives
  • lettuce (this one is an elongated bunch rather than the usual round head, but otherwise it looks similar to what we've had before)
  • bag mizuna and arugula (1/3 pound according to the manifest, though it felt like more (maybe someday I will get a kitchen scale))
  • bunch barese
  • jar rhubarb preserves

(Small shares omitted the chives, blue potatoes, half the white potatoes, and preserves, and got black locust honey.)

I used the mizuna/arugula mix, some of the barese, and some of the green garlic tonight in a tofu stir-fry I've made before. (Argh, someday I will remember to take a picture.) The recipe calls for green onions and (regular) garlic; I used green garlic and a (regular) onion instead. (Parity, plus I didn't have any green onions on hand.)

They sent a link to a bunch of recipes using chives. Oh good. :-) I mean, I like chives, but I've never bought and directly used them before. Apparently they go well with potatoes, which is handy.