Kale works in curry

I asked what to do with kale and some of you suggested braising for a while. I haven't done that yet, but I used some of it in this recipe for Thai red curry and that worked well. And I remembered to snap a picture before we'd eaten too much of it!

Image without description

The aromatics are onion, ginger, and garlic and the vegetables are red bell pepper, carrots, and kale. (I should have also used a yellow or orange pepper. Next time.) This worked well, and I think it could even absorb more kale! I found myself wanting another vegetable to bit into besides the carrots and peppers; maybe next time I'll add some radish or parsnips or cauliflower. (I don't always have cauliflower on hand.) I know that potatoes are used in Indian curry-like dishes; I don't know about Thai, but that's a possibility too. Maybe sweet potatoes?

The recipe says four servings, but even over rice I disbelieve. I had planned to have leftovers for lunch, but we ate it all. (I have some leftover rice; I started with a cup dry.)